Stoically fierce,
calm element.

2023 / Leoš Janáček International Music Festival
Visual concept
Art Directing

The graphic identity and concept of the festival serve as a true reflection of its raw essence. The connection between the festival and the trees of the Hukvaldy forests goes far beyond mere coincidence. Drawing inspiration from the ancient roots of these centuries-old witnesses, we are gifted with the stories of our ancestors. It is through these profound foundations that we gaze optimistically towards the future; not solely focused on the music festival, but encompassing a broader perspective. The emblematic logo ingeniously combines the initials of the maestro into a unified entity, cleverly forming the silhouette of a piano.

And this is where what we love the most combines: contrast. Wild and raw visuals, like a lush forest pulsing with life, accompanied by stoically balanced typography, offering solace to a restless spirit.