Colours! Colours!! Colours!!!

2023 / Colours of Ostrava
Visual identity

The unparalleled Colours of Ostrava! This music festival surpasses not only local events but also stands as the largest in our entire country. In terms of scale, artist lineup, visitor count, and every conceivable aspect, it reigns supreme. We take immense pride in our ongoing involvement with this extraordinary festival. The entire year is characterised by intense dedication, but our enjoyment knows no bounds, mirroring the experience of the tens of thousands of attendees who are captivated by its allure annually. In 2023, we witnessed a visual revolution, as we finally united the festival with the Meltingpot discussion forum, despite their symbiotic relationship having flourished for several years previously.

In 2023, we achieved an unprecedented level of diversity for the festival, making it the most colourful and eclectic in its history. The array of iconic and vibrant patterns, backgrounds, and icons is truly unmissable. This is precisely how we envision and define the essence of the festival!