Sensory overload.

2021 / Ollies
Visual identity

Ollies, a regional phenomenon, stands as an iconic patisserie with a café, boasting an excellent reputation. However, its historic self-presentation was in need of a transformation that matched the stature of this esteemed patisserie. Although the name has remained the same, everything else has been given a fresh coat of paint. Guided by the motto that what truly matters is what we carry within, this sentiment holds doubly true for Ollies. The establishment recognises that you can only get the best from the best, and we have embraced this philosophy wholeheartedly.

Our palates are constantly seeking satisfaction, but they are also discerning and that's a positive trait. You have exquisite taste and continuously seek to reaffirm it. The combination of refined ingredients and the mastery of skilled artisans elevates even the simplest things to the status of Crème de la Crème!