Connected through artistry

2022–2023 / Grafico
Visual concept

The creation of an iconic and distinctive large-format calendar for the Grafico printing house in 2023 involved the harmonious fusion between a traditional glass manufacturer and meticulously handcrafted paper models. This extraordinary collaboration with the esteemed luxurious French brand LALIQUE resulted in a project that seamlessly combines the artistry of handmade glass and paper, despite the stark contrast in materials. The outcome is a breathtaking masterpiece that embodies the arduous and painstaking craftsmanship required to bring diverse worlds together. Each page conceals thoughtful and refined details, culminating in a true work of art when viewed as a whole.

We are honoured to have received the prestigious Platinum A' Design Award in Graphics, Illustration, and Visual Communication Design for our work on the Lalique wall calendar. To learn more about our award-winning wall calendar project  and its award-winning features, click on the links in this text.

Once you get a glimpse behind the scenes of the creation of this artwork, you will be astounded by the extensive work and time dedicated to crafting authentic paper models. The process starts with conceptualising the design, but that's only the beginning. Every single element must be carefully constructed to ensure it can be intricately carved and seamlessly assembled. Precision is key as everything needs to fit together flawlessly. From the grand structures to the intricate details, every aspect is meticulously planned to ensure a perfect fit and enhance the exquisite glass creations. Each world is custom-tailored to complement and authentically showcase the unique character of each individual artefact.